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so~ not gonna tell ya ma real name, since i wanna be incognito(unless you're like a real close friend), but imma tell ya ma character who represents me.
Her name be Hana so that's shall also be ma name~
now uummm~...oh right! i'm sorta shy(really shy) but i warm up to people quickly, well to people i like(that makes no sense), i'm missing some screws in my head so forgive all that you may see in ma drawings
and~ i like to draw, obviously, and write, mostly i draw and write just about anything but i also enjoy drawing or writing out my emotions, stress release
anyways~(don't know what else to say so~) enjoy~!


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  • Playing: Kisekae
  • Drinking: water
anyways~ i've been tagged by this lovely :iconcoroko-the-dragon:
let's do this!

Bullet; RedYou must post the rules.
Bullet; RedShare 10 facts about you.
Bullet; RedAnswer 10 questions asked by the one who tagged you and make 10 questions for the people you tagged.
Bullet; RedTag 10 people in the journal.
Bullet; RedNo "you're tagged if you read this" things.
Bullet; RedNo tag backs.
Bullet; RedYou can't say you dont tag.
Bullet; RedDont comment, make a journal.

:rose:things about me!:rose:
1.i am a junior high student...technically...i think
2.never use make-up
3.i love cookie(i swear i said this before)
4.i love cartoons
5.i'm awkward pretend playing bongos
7.i sleep
8.i know Dutch
9.i have Dominican blood
10.i love ham

:rose:Le questions:rose:
1- Do you have a pet? (siblings counts)
i have 5 dogs and two bunnies(no i don't my sibling as a pet...she a wild animal >x>)
2- What is your "artistic specialty"? (animation, traditional, digital...)
uhhh traditonal
3- What do you think of DeviantArt? :3
I LOVES IT!!!!...but i miss some of my friends
4- Who is your most stupid/silly character? 
5- Give me a weird rating plz (1 to 10)
6- Ever saw a UFO? 8D
nopes, but i'm waitng
7- Who is your favourite chara you saw on DA? (except for yours)
this lovely Fursona by Kezumiyo
8- Are you a boy or a girl? (running out of imagination XD)
dragon actually
9- Did you ever hear of the book series "Moomintroll"? Did you read it?
nopes and nopes, let me Google
10- DO YOU LIKE DRAGONS?! 8D (the creature not the movie)
yes. mother. fudgin. yes
SO LAZY~!!!! :iconcryforeverplz:

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